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For many years, people relied on unstable skinny wire-framed carts to haul their stuff around. Although it did the job, these contraptions were flimsy and unpleasant to look at. Lightweight but sturdy, the VersaCart folding cart can handle your stuff and trumps the other folding carts in capacity, maneuverability, stability, convenience and style. This is a product that everyone is sure to love.

Use this versatile handy folding cart for shopping, groceries or laundry. Take it to picnics, camping or even tail-gate parties. Load it up at flea markets, roll around the college campus, lug stuff around the office. A great help for the gardener, too. Excellent for dorms, apartments and even boats!

Folds up in a snap for compact storage in tight spaces like closets, your car's trunk or your boat's galley. Because of its ideal size and maneuverability, we've had retail store owners buy VersaCart folding carts for their customer's in-store shopping use, and their customers ended up purchasing the Versacarts too!

The patented original VersaCart folding carts feature sturdy steel frame construction and maneuverable dual front wheels. The included detachable heavy-duty denier nylon canvas bag is water-resistant and comes with handles for toting and built-in cover for privacy and protection from the elements.

The multi-purpose VersaCart folding cart is indeed your versatile handy caddy.

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TRANSIT Folding Cart, NAVY

TRANSIT Folding Cart, NAVY

The original versatile folding cart in Navy Blue.

  • Price: $79.95
  • Sale Price: $59.95